Fatal infection spreading

This disease has claimed the lives of five children in over a month resulting in a debilitating effect on young ones in the southern province. The Karapitiya Teaching Hospital in Galle has experienced an influx of patient and these patient included children of ages 2-3 and as young as 6 months.

The symptoms of the disease has been identified as high fever, cough, and breathing difficulties and according to Dr. Aruna de Silva of the Pediatric Unit at Karapity Hospital, the matter at hand has been identified and the causative agent is influenza and Adenoviruses.

The hospital is taking necessary precautions to prevent the spreading of the disease by practicing high standard of care. Furthermore, investigation continue to analyse the deaths occurred and to identify the areas affected.

Link: https://www.newsfirst.lk/2018/05/baby-killing-virus-on-the-loose-in-the-south/