Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is the leading cause of mortality in the world. CVD comprises atherosclerosis related coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke and peripheral vascular disease. Approximately 80% of death and disease burden due to CVD is observed in developing countries. CVD prevalence and mortality rates are expected to double from 1990 to 2020, and over 80% of this increase is estimated to be in developing countries.

The burden of CVD is especially high in South Asia, where the prevalence and incidence of CVD, mortality due to CVD, and the prevalence of risk factors of CVD are higher than in many other regions.

Sri Lanka is a South Asian developing country in epidemiological transition. The community prevalence of CHD in Sri Lanka is estimated to be 9.3%, and prevalence of stroke in the Colombo district alone is 1.04%. CHD and stroke together account for 23% of hospital deaths in Sri Lanka.

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