Infectious diseases

Infectious diseasesAdenovirus Conjunctivitis (AdVs)

The most common ophthalmic disorder world-side is conjunctivitis. It has viruses and bacteria as its main etiologic agents, is highly contagious and can occur in outbreaks. Viral conjunctivitis is a highly contagious acute conjunctival infection and in most cases the main causative agent is adenovirus (AdVs) which are double-stranded DNA. Symptoms include irritation, photophobia, and watery discharge. It is highly contagious for approximately 10-12 days from onset.

In studies carried out previously, it indicated that the prevalence of adenovirus conjunctivitis when compared between gender proved slightly different but relative to the distribution of conjunctivitis cases by age group, a higher prevalence was observed between 26 to 65 years, in turn accounting for 60.60% of cases confirmed. Children under the age of 2 indicate a high prevalence of adenovirus conjunctivitis (75%)

Source: Prevalence of adenoviral conjunctivitis at the ophthalmologic clinic on municipality of Viçosa/MG