OphthalmologyRemediumOne has undertaken some of the benchmarking clinical trials in ophthalmology. Working closely with the National Eye Hospital, Sri Lanka, and some of the top ophthalmologists in the country, we have managed to contribute to various clinical trials related to ophthalmology. Myopia, also known as near-sightedness and short-sightedness, is a condition of the eye where the light that enters is not directly focused on the retina but instead front of it, resulting in a distorted image. Uncorrected myopia has shown to be a major cause of visual impairment as well as compromise in the quality of life. The adverse impacts from myopia may also be reflected socioeconomically considering the loss of productivity owing to visual impairment caused by myopia, the cost of treatment for comorbidities of myopia, and the cost of various ways of correction.

It has been estimated that globally 153 million people over 5 years are visually impaired because of uncorrected myopia and other refractive errors, and of these, 8 million are blind. The global productivity lost because of uncorrected visual impairment is estimated to be 121.4 billion international dollars, and the global costs of facilities and personnel for establishing refractive care services are USD$20 billion. These figures demonstrate the clinical, public health, and economic implications of myopia as a global health problem. In order to correct this, Femtosecond Lenticule Extraction (FLEx) surgery is performed.

The Age-Specific Prevalence of Myopia in Asia: A Meta-analysis