StrokeGlobally stroke is responsible for 5.7 million deaths every year where majority of them occur in low- and middle-income countries. Sri Lanka with a high prevalence and incidence of cardiovascular diseases coupled with fast ageing population further increases the occurrence of stroke in the region. 1 in 100 Sri Lankans living in Colombo are affected by stroke making it the 4th leading cause of hospital deaths. It is the dominant cause of adult disability including weakness, numbness of the limbs, and speech and vision disturbances along with producing complications in swallowing and sphincter involvement. The disease burden of stroke is less understood and is prevailing in low-socioeconomic groups due to risk factors such as smoking, unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyle. Stroke is a disease that can be prevented and acute stroke is potentially treatable. World Health Organization (WHO) claims that stroke is the second leading cause of death among people above 60 years and 5th leading cause in people aged 15-59 years old. Every year nearly 6 million people die from stroke globally and 1in 6 will experience a stroke in their life time. Working with the Sri Lanka’s best neurologists, RemediumOne has undertaken several stroke studies, including one of the largest non-drug interventional studies in the world for stroke.