Health and medical research and its translation into evidence-based clinical practice, public health policy and health services delivery are vital for the continued advancement of human health and wellbeing. As Sri Lanka’s pioneering clinical trials management company, RemediumOne plays a critical role in supporting the broad range of research activities needed to address current and future health challenges in partnership with key stakeholders in the country and collaborators around the world.

Sri Lanka’s clinical research environment like any other market is expected to change dramatically over the coming years, but our overriding philosophy of placing clients and quality at the heart of everything we do will remain unchanged. As we head towards 2019, our 10th anniversary and beyond, we will continue to transform ourselves and take on new challenges with the aim of creating a solid operating platform that can deliver consistent results under any circumstance.

As an innovation-led organization focused on providing high-qulaity clinical trial management services, we have leveraged our inherent strengths in project coordination and implementation with those of our academic partner to successfully conduct a diverse portfolio of hospital- and community-based clinical research projects. The desire for excellence of our staff at RemediumOne who have never been afraid of change or taking on new challenges is at the heart of our success. We believe our human capital input makes the biggest difference in delivering excellent results consistently across projects in varied therapeutic areas.

Looking ahead, we are entering an era in which conventional wisdom will be increasingly challenged and the healthcare industry will also see considerable changes. No matter what the future holds, RemediumOne will expand our focus with an eye on helping solve the issues of our research partners and continue to be relevant to society.

Samantha Ranatunga

CEO, RemediumOne



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