RemediumOne Celebrates its Sports Day

April 28th was a long awaited date for which all employees of RemediumOne very much looked forward to. On this day, in keeping with the local traditions of the Sri Lankan New Year, RemediumOne organized a traditional sports festival. After several weeks of planning, practicing and teaser emails by the HR department, Friday the 28th of April dawned, sunny and blue skied; perfect weather for the RemediumOne sports day. It was a day of discovery for all RemediumOne employees, where hidden talents were uncovered and the most unlikely individuals competed side by side to win many traditional games such as cricket, tug-of-war, lime and spoon, blind feeding yoghurt to a blind and kabaddi. Little did we know that we had such amazing sportsmen and sportswomen among us. But more than the trophies or the prizes, it was the solidarity and coming together of all the staff that made this event a memorable one for all of us. In a company such as RemediumOne, where we take our work, and not ourselves, seriously, teamwork plays a major role in accomplishing our day to day activities. RemediumOne sports day is just an example of what we could accomplish as a team and how well RemediumOne thrives in a team environment.