TRIUMPH: Lipid lowering drug for patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension

The TRIUMPH study is a global trial conducted by The George Institute for Global Health, Australia. The trial was conducted in order see if use of a low dose of Triple blood pressure lowering pills could decrease the blood pressure amongst hypertensive patients much faster in comparison to usual care. The Triple pill used in this study contained low doses of three antihypertensive drugs (telmisartan 20mg, amlodipine 2.5mg and chlorthalidone 12.5mg) to achieve this goal. According to Dr. Ruth Webster (2018), the Study Director for the trial, the results showed that approximately 70% of patients in the Triple pill arm of the trial had their blood pressure brought under control and maintained for six months. This compared to 55% of usual care patients at six months.

A survey performed island-wide in Sri Lanka in 2016 conducted by the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) proved that 39% of the chronic illness reported was high blood pressure, thus, demonstrating that high blood pressure was the main chronic illness suffered by the surveyed public. This study was solely conducted in Sri Lanka and provided world-first evidence of the effectiveness of this strategy. The trial was spread over 11 sites at four different hospitals, randomizing a total of 700 patients with an overall retention rate of 99%. The average age of the participants was 56 years with 58% being women. Furthermore, the average blood pressure suffered by the patients was 154/90 mmHg of which 59% were not taking blood pressure lowering treatment prior to the trial. We are extremely honored to be able to contribute to the success of this trial and we hope to see a worldwide positive inclination towards use of this novel strategy to control blood pressure levels in the future.